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Self-Care Strategies for Busy Professionals

Professional woman attending a virtual meeting with colleagues on a computer screen, promoting 'Self-Care Strategies for Busy Professionals' by Life Design Coach Jen Vertanen

The unseen burden of trying to juggle it all

Life’s a whirlwind, yeah? Juggling the demands of a career, a never-ending to-do list, being a mom, taking care of aging parents because hello 👋🏼, sandwich generation, and everything in between.

It’s…a lot.

Add to that, the pressure to ‘have it all’ – a thriving career, a happy family, social life, and personal growth, let alone time to chase our dreams!

It’s downright overwhelming!

But as you’re taking care of everything and everyone else…here’s the real question: when was the last time you put yourself at the top of your to-do list? 🤔

And also? No wonder we neglect the most important person in this equation: yourself.

Today we’re diving into this topic that’s as essential as your morning coffee and as empowering as conquering the boardroom and one thing you CAN control in your life.

Let’s talk about the game-changer that is self-care.

Now – before you roll your eyes and tell me you don’t have time for self-care…what if I told you self-care is THE secret weapon to keeping all those balls in the air?

Self-care isn’t some trendy concept; it’s a must-have-non-negotiable for busy professional women like us.

(I bet you’d make time for it if you considered it a must-have-non-negotiable in showing up as your Favorite Self in all your various roles.)

The power of “me time”

I get it. The notion of finding “me time” feels like an impossible dream. AND you can’t pour from an empty cup.

You know this, I know this so it’s time to make it non-negotiable.

You put everything else on your schedule, put “me time” on there as well even if it’s just 10 minutes at a time, and then hold yourself accountable to making it happen.

You’re literally the boss of you. Show yourself some love already. Also? No is a complete sentence.

Whether you use the time to dive into a good book, sip on a glass of your fave red while you catch up on a fave show, or hold an impromptu dance party in your living room.

Make 👏🏼 it 👏🏼 happen 👏🏼.

Remember, non-negotiable.

Your body’s talking…time to listen!

Are you skimping out and taking shortcuts when it comes to your sleep, exercise, and nutrition?

Let’s face it…our bodies aren’t as forgiving as they used to be! Sad but true.

Prioritizing these basics – exercise, eating right, and getting enough Zzzzzs – isn’t just about being healthy.

Skipping out on these can leave you worn out, cranky as hell, and weaken your immune system.

And that’s no good for ANYONE let alone yourself.

Take care of yourself so you can conquer the world (or at least your day!) and not piss off your 80-yo future self!

Again – make it non-negotiable.

Happy mind, happy life

Send your brain on a mini-vacay a few times a day whether it’s yoga, diving into a few pages of a good book, taking a few intentional deep breaths, or meditation (I’m enjoying this one and Insight Timer has a ton of wonderful free options).

Anything to recharge your mental batteries throughout the day.

Self-care is VITAL for mental and emotional resilience and reduced stress levels help you live longer which again – makes your 80-yo future self SUPER HAPPY!!!

Taking this bit of “me time” doesn’t mean you’re slacking…it means you’re smart!

It helps you be more present and engaged in all areas which in turn, creates a more fulfilling and happier life.

Also? It helps your productivity which I KNOW you love and it may just spark your next big idea!

Relationship goals: self-care edition

When you’re at your best, you bring out the best in your relationships too.

Investing in your well-being means you have more love, energy, and patience for those who matter most.

You become a better partner, a cooler mom, and the friend everyone wants to hang out with.

And that feels really, really damn good.

Got kiddos looking up to you? Show them how it’s done.

Practicing self-care sets a powerful example for the younger generation because trust me – they are watching you run yourself to the bone.

Be the superhero here and lead by example.

Make taking care of YOUR needs through radical self-care a must-have-non-negotiable part of your life

Self-care is the opposite of selfish – it’s essential. It’s not a sign of weakness but a super bold declaration of strength.

It’s about saying, “Hey, I matter too!”

Simple self-care strategies that work

Morning magic: Start with just 10 minutes of ‘me time’ in the morning. Whether it’s a quick meditation, reading a page from your favorite smut novel, or simply enjoying your coffee in peace, it sets the tone for the day.

Move your body: You don’t need a hardcore gym session – a brisk walk, a dance in the living room to some Taylor Swift, or a quick yoga flow can do wonders. It’s all about getting that adrenaline pumping in a fun way!

Mindful moments: Between meetings or soccer practice, take a few minutes to just breathe. Think of it as a mini mental vacation – your own little slice of tranquility.

Cultivate connections: Catch up with a friend, share a laugh over a New Girl episode, or plan a date night.

Nourish yourself: Eating well isn’t just about physical health; it’s about feeling good. Try a new recipe tonight – maybe something spicy to shake things up?

Rest and recharge: Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. It’s like hitting the reset button on your body and mind.

Every bit of self-care counts. Your body, mind, and family will all thank you.

Look, life’s too short not to love your damn self and we do that through self-care.

You’ve got the power to create a future that excites the hell out of you.

Don’t leave it to chance; intentionally design your days with self-care top of mind.

Ready to take it up a notch? Join me on this journey of self-love, and let’s create a life that your 80-year-old future self will thank you for.

Remember, you’re not just doing this for you; you’re doing it for the incredible woman you’re becoming.

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I'm Jen Vertanen, Make Shit Happen Coach + creator of The Fuck Yeah Methodology

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