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Imagine Your Future Self to Help Make Better Choices

Future self work is my jam. It’s my go-to for myself when I’m working through hard shit and it’s where I start each of my clients by creating a super detailed vision of their wisest, coolest, badassest 80-yo selves.

Why? Because it helps us make better choices and take action NOW instead of wallowing around in indecision, overwhelm, perfectionism, and yes – people-pleasing.

Future self work helps us set boundaries, go after the “more” we wantneed in our life (more joy, contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment, impact, etc.), and put our needs first sometimes so that we can be our best selves for ourselves and others.

The First Step Is To Create A Super Detailed Vision Of Who Your Future Self Is

I’ve shared this here and here but the gist of it is…get super specific and imagine a day in the life of your 80-yo future self.

✨ What is she doing?

👵🏼 Who is she doing it with?

✨ Where does she live?

👵🏼 What is her home life?

✨ What makes her laugh like a little schoolgirl?

👵🏼 What gives her holy rage?

✨ How does she feel physically?

Breathe life into this version of future you. Make it such that she is NOT messing around when it comes to her happiness, fulfillment, and deep contentment.

This Is Way More Than A Fantasy – We Are Able To Create What We Believe Possible

You can become that amazing woman you met in your vision. In fact, you are becoming her. ~ Tara Mohr

If you want to turn this vision into your wisest mentor, you need to spend time creating a loving, kind, respectful relationship with her.

Keep her in mind as you go about your day-to-day activities.

Make it a habit to check in with her daily and ask, “Hey – how we doing today? Anything I need to course-correct or adjust or we good?!?”.

Being in relationship with her and taking action NOW is what’s going to bring the vision of her closer and closer to your current life so BOTH of you are in a win/win situation.

But…But…What About All Of Life’s Uncertainties?

Yup – they exist. No – you cannot predict the future and shitty things WILL happen because that’s life.

So knowing you can’t control the future…what you CAN control is the intention and feeling you have inside as you go about your day-to-day life.

Choose to live from a place of hope and possiblity and knowing you’ll have your back always, especially when the shitty things happen because again – they will happen.

Make the choices that are within your control and do your damnedest to love the everliving hell out of yourself and your life.

jen v. xo

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I'm a magical mix of coach, perspective-shifting mentor, hair-holder, consultant, wing woman, get shit done'r, silver lining finder, & slightly annoying cheerleader

I'm Jen Vertanen, Make Shit Happen Coach + creator of The Fuck Yeah Methodology

I used to roll my eyes at the notion of self love and loving my life because it felt so far outside the realm of possibilities. I thought both were saved for those who'd escaped childhood unscathed.

But a perfect storm in 2015 had me wake TF up and heal my childhood ish. Along the way, I started to not only love but LIKE myself and I stopped wanting to escape from my life and instead, intentionally create my exciting future. That's saying a lot when you read my stories!

And now? I get to help women all around the world fall in love with themselves, their lives, and create the future THEY want. How cool is that?!?

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