After a decade+ working with clients, each unique, I’ve created my own approach to the core pieces of work that blends art & science to create a foundation & sandbox to play, get curious, & experiment. And also?

So you can hella enjoy the process!

No matter if I've helped someone create a non-profit, go back to school to pursue their passion career, start a business, put their art out into the world, work on their marriage, heal from a shitty childhood, go after the promotion, divorce their spouse, rebuild themselves from the inside out, and everything in-between...

The foundational work remains the same.

Get clear on what YOU actually want so you don't waste another moment of precious brain space and mental energy trying to figure it out and can instead, get to doing.

 Create a realistic path to making it happen so you know exactly where to focus your efforts with heaping loads of confidence.

Decide who you're in the process of becoming so you continue to build the belief that you ARE the woman who prioritizes the quality and richness of her life

 Take intentional & purposeful action because you can't think your way to what you want.

Bit by bit. Moment by moment. Decision by decision. Day by day. Imperfect action by imperfect action.

My approach

I combine my decades in software development project management delivering multi-million dollar projects while being a PM people actually like working with...

...with my decade+ coaching women to turn their Never. Fucking. Again. moments into being examples of what's possible when you turn your attention from fixing to intentionally creating.

My approach is decidedly future focused. Yes - the past is absolutely, hella important and informs why we do (or don't do) things today which gives us wonderful data but I believe that at any given moment, we can be intentional and make a different choice and that is what I bring into my coaching - awareness, intention, celebration, forward movement, creating vs. fixing, self-belief, gumption, resilience, curiosity, experimentation, play, laughing at life's sometimes fuckedupedness, and getting shit done!

I could tell you about all my wonderful and not so wonderful qualities but instead, I leave you with this from a dear client...

"Working with Jen feels like coming home at the end of a long day, whipping off your bra & getting into your pjs, sinking down into a comfy chair with your cozy blanket and a glass of red, and taking the deepest breath you've taken all day...and then she drops an innuendo that has you laughing your ass off...."

My clients aren't just clients for the duration we work together. They're women I root for and deeply believe in the rest of my life. 

this is what i've been looking for

Logistically, we meet over Google Meet (I go back and forth between that and Zoom so that may have changed) and you receive a recording after each call so you can be fully present and not have to worry about taking notes.

With each session, you'll:

Leave with a clear understanding of your next steps including anything that might help you - resources, exercises, etc. You are always in choice on what actions you choose or choose not to make

Oftentimes we'll laugh. Sometimes we'll cry. And sometimes we'll do all of the above with maybe a snort thrown in for good measure

I will always bring my special secret sauce mixture of qualities that help people feel safe, heard, understood, and respected. I am non-judgmental, will never have my own agenda for you, will not blow smoke up your ass, and will always keep it bullshit-free

Possibly have a different experience than other sessions because each one truly is unique and meant to  meet you exactly where you are and with exactly what you need at that moment

Be encouraged to celebrate the hell out of yourself no matter what until it becomes second-nature. Having your own back is so important and not something we're taught so you're going to have plenty of opportunity to practice!

what to expect

We've all Been through some shit

Divorce/break-up, shitty childhood, loss of a loved one(s), having an accident, losing your job, receiving a scary health diagnosis, passed over for a promotion, an empty nest, milestone birthdays that have us questioning what the hell we're doing with our life, too many "laying on the bathroom floor crying" moments, life's general fuckery...

We can either let it all define us and drag us down OR we can do the work to rise from the ashes. I choose to rise and if you're here reading this, you do too. I love that for us.

Hi! I'm jen

I help women become their most real, most authentic, most unapologetic, most favorite selves and from that energy, do epic shit & live lives they love the hell out of


Living A Fuck Yeah Life is an inside out job which means your relationship with yourself is the most important one so we always focus there first before going outwards

No one else gets to say what your unique version of A Fuck Yeah Life looks like, feels like, sounds like, etc. OR how it fits into your existing life and responsibilities

Who you become along the way is infinitely more important than some mythical final destination

Feelings > action. It's so much less about what you do and so much more about how you feel as you're showing up day to day living your life

Your past does not have to dictate your future because you have a choice each and every moment you're alive. Who you've been has gotten you to where you are now and that in and of itself, is extraordinary. Who you're becoming is just another stunning iteration

Your dreams and desires are on the other side of doing some things differently than you've done in the past and instead of letting this scare you, you excitedly use it to propel you forward

Progress over perfection. Life is going to's how you keep going that defines who you're choosing to be

Life never needs to be "just so" for you to feel deep levels of fulfillment, contentment, joy, meaning, purpose, etc. You are a nuanced creature capable of holding a multitude of feelings, experiences, and truths no matter how sucky or joyful, mundane or exhilarating

You do NOT need to burn everything down to have what you want unless what you want is a clean, fresh start

Stop fixing & start DESIGNING. Decide who you want to be and then decide what actions you're bravely willing to take to become her so you can have the life you want to have.

Be. Do. Have.

My core beliefs

I believe that you have absolutely everything within you to live your own, unique version of A Fuck Yeah Life. My role is to help guide you to and get comfortable with that inner knowing

I believe in bringing the art & the science to everything I do which means while we have some guide posts to help us navigate, each experience is unique to each individual and the sandbox we create together is yours and yours only. Life is never black and white and learning how to play in the nuances is where the art, and to be honest, absolute magic, happens

I believe that the most important relationship we ever have is the one with ourselves and this is one of the hills I will die on. I believe in radical amounts of self-compassion, self-love, self-trust, self-acceptance, self-understanding because it's the only way to make true, lasting change

I believe that most of us have been doing the best we can and where we find ourselves in life is not good, bad, right, or wrong. is a choice and we get to make powerful decisions on if that choice is right for us still...or not

ways we can currently work together below

i want to go all in!

Just you & me on a 6-mo. adventure to make your Fuck Yeah Life a reality

A Fuck Yeah Life

(my signature program)

i need momentum!

90-minutes of you & me rolling up our sleeves to focus in on one or two of your specific and most pressing needs whether it's a decision you need to make forfuckenfinally, clarity on your next steps, getting out of your own way, building momentum, seeing the forest for the trees, a quarterly check-in & tune up... can even ask me about getting started as a coach, podcasting, kick the tires on me as your coach, and anything else you'd like focused support on

Schedule as many as you need as often as you need them!

sweet baby jesus clarity & motherlovin' momentum!

[ə,ā fək ye līf]

(n.) A Fuck Yeah Life- To live a life that makes your whole self say, "Fuck yeah I did!" It is is one in which you decide to relentlessly pursue a life that has you excited to do it all over again tomorrow even if today was shitty because it’s all about who you become as you take action on your desires & dreams so that you can feel deep levels of joy, gratitude, meaning, fulfillment, connection, impact, aliveness, excitement at life's possibilities, <insert your core desired feelings>. It's not a perfect, best, or dream life but a life full of courage and experimentation and curiosity and failure and triumph and joy and tragedy and everything in-between

my promise to you

I promise to treat you like the grown ass, amazing woman you are and always show you respect, compassion and kindness. I'm here to walk alongside you (sometimes with a titch of tough-love because're a grown ass woman and sometimes we need that), inviting you to experiment and find your way to living your own unique version of A Fuck Yeah Life.

I will always be honest with you which means I will never, ever pretend to have all of my shit figured out or sugar-coat what it's taken me to do the work, and continue to do the work, to live my unique version of A Fuck Yeah Life.

I also will never tell you exactly what to do because your life and experiences are different than mine. What you want is different than me. What brings you joy and happiness and fulfillment is different from me. We each get to have our own journey in life.

But...I am a mentor and guide deep in my bones and will freely share my life lessons, wisdom, failures, and experiences. I invite you to take what resonates and say a ginormous, "Hell no" to what doesn't.

jen v. xo

© 2024 Jen Vertanen & A Fuck Yeah Life