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Hi! I'm Jen Vertanen and I love talking about all the things that make us human

Specifically, I love sharing my knowledge, wisdom, & expertise when it comes to:

✨ Overcoming decades of loneliness

✨ Almost walking away from the one person (my husband) who'd always had my back and loved me no matter what and the subsequent healing

✨ Finally healing from childhood traumas and going from self-loathing to loving my damn self & my life

✨ Losing both my parents 9 months apart and how it unlocked new layers of healing and self-compassion

✨ Applying The SELF Approach™ and why it's different in helping you fall in love with yourself and your life

✨ And all the stories in between. I'm in my 50s...I have a LOT of wisdom and experience to draw from

Official bio

Jen Vertanen is a Life Design Coach for women who wonder if this is really all there ever is and has been helping women for a decade+ fall in love with themselves and their lives by intentionally creating the future they want instead of leaving it to chance.

Jen has been on the frontlines with her own personal transformation (from loneliness and self-loathing to not only loving, but liking herself and her life) as well as the thousands of lives she’s helped through coaching and podcasting which led her to develop The SELF Approach™.

Using her signature candor, humor, and unique approach to "doing the work", Jen wants the world to know it’s never too late but you do kind of need to get going.

When she’s not coaching or thinking up new exercises for clients, you can find Jen unwinding at the end of the day bingeing anything Taylor Sheridan with her hubby and newfs in Saint Paul, MN.


I deeply believe in living a life full of joy, safety, love, connection, belonging, etc and take my responsibility in creating that for myself very seriously

I love vintage Aquaman and 🌶️🌶️🌶️ smut and you already know my love for an extra dry red

I listen to Encanto, Les Misérables and Moana on repeat and still get the words wrong

I identify as queer (pan if we're being exact) in a cishet marriage with a dude (Mr. V. aka my Batman) I love deeply

I am neurodiverse (ADHD) and love learning how to partner with my big, beautiful brain. It's an obsession really, lol

I have an aversion to toxic positivity, love & light, positive/high vibes only. You can miss me with that harmful, gaslight-y bullshit

I don't take for granted the privilege I have as a straight-passing, middle-aged, white women from a middle-class background. I have my own shit but don't have to worry about my safety, putting food on the table, being pulled over by the cops, or getting my needs met

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