make your bold AF goals inevitable

YOU are a gutsy, determined woman tired AF by the status quo & ready to give yourself unapologetic permission to do whatever TF it takes to make your Bold AF Goals a reality and go from living a 'good' life to A Fuck Yeah Life

⚠️ WARNING: That's exactly what we do around here one courageously tiny or GINORMOUS action at a time ⚠️

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Life Doesn't wait.
Spend your Fucks Wisely & Live Your life unapologetically

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Get hella clear on what YOU want for your life and the first 3 actions to start taking TODAY! 

Go back to school for the career you've always wanted instead of the one you thought you should have but literally makes you want to poke your eyeballs out and run away screaming instead of having to face another day?

Write the novel you can't stop creating characters for in your head and have all the plot lines worked out except for the ending...they'll never see the twist coming!

Have the adventure(s) of a lifetime as you sell everything and retire to the mountains of Ecuador or travel the US in your bougie RV for a year to visit all the parks on your bucket list or volunteer in Guatemala as you figure out your next big pivot?

Start the new business of your DREAMS, provide opportunities for others, and create your legacy?

Create the non-profit that's been on your heart since forever and be a leader in your local community as you do good, important work alongside others who care deeply too?

Sell your artwork through galleries and juried shows as you create even more because that's what makes you feel fully ALIVE?

Be the woman up for anything
whether that's learning a new instrument, taking a trapeze class, slinging clay on the pottery wheel taught by that super hot bearded dude, scuba diving in Bali, organizing a retreat, or all of the above because YOU are a grown-ass woman who prioritizes new experiences & loving your life?

And do so without burnout, gnashing of teeth, ruining relationships, etc. while you step more and more into being the unapologetic woman who believes in and loves herself so damn much that you see no other option than making your Bold AF Goals a reality

this is ALL possible* and I will help you make it happen do YOU plan to spend your fucks wisely?

We will make reaching your Bold AF Goals INEVITABLE with my proven framework one courageously tiny or GINORMOUS action at a time because they ALL count

*I know because my clients have made this and more happen

are you an eager beaver ready to get started?

I'm ready whenever you are!

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Hey there! I'm Jen

I'm a magical mix of coach, mentor, consultant, wing woman, & slightly annoying cheerleader with 30+ years experience as a strategic project manager  who can help YOU make your Bold AF Goals INEVITABLE

When I say I've got you...I'VE LEGIT GOT YOU.

Epic shit happens when we work together whether it's delivering multi-million dollar projects, writing your first or next novel, reinventing yourself after divorce, creating the next must have app, getting the promotion, going back to school, starting the non-profit, or whatever epic shit YOU want to do.

What you learn extends well beyond the bounds of us working together. You will know how to make your Bold AF Goals a reality for the rest of your life.

I know exactly when to...

give you a swift kick in the ass and/or nudge you forward (you always decide how hard)

give you a helping hand to get to the other side without much gnashing of teeth and pulling your hair out

walk beside you - reminding you of the absolute badass you are and that you've absolutely got this

give you encouraging words in a non-blowing smoke up your ass way and funny memes...always funny memes (you decide how inappropriate because trust my friends, I can go there)

help you learn how to celebrate the hell out of yourself (none of that self-deprecating shit no matter how funny it is) with every action - tiny or GINORMOUS - don't matter

I'm a gutsy and determined woman too who's spent decades blending art and science to MAKE EPIC SHIT HAPPEN (i.e. deliver multi-million dollar projects, help you bring your Bold AF Goals to life, etc.) along with decades coaching & mentoring both personally and professionally

I had a couple of Never Fucking Again moments (NFAs) in 2015 and decided I was DONE looking to the past and thinking "FML" and instead, chose to look to the future and what it would take to live my version of a Fuck Yeah Life and then made it guessed courageously tiny action at a time

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