It truly does take a village and having a website and social media presence is NO JOKE lol
Below are folks who played a very important part

it takes a village

I do my own graphics, website design, coding, and copy which is an absolute labor of love and one of my many happy places.

💇‍♀️ I'm super picky about who touches my hair and I've trusted Amber from Salon Violet in St. Paul, MN with my cut and color for years and years. She's the one who introduced me to 📸 Chelsea!

🎨 The fonts, fun colors, doodles, backgrounds, and logo were custom created for me by Deanna Seymour who is a super talented and SUPER FUN designer. She's so good at tiktok and you should totally check her out.

📸 My fantastic photographer captured my purest essence and made me relax so I could actually enjoy having my photos taken. She's Chelsea from Chelsea Photography from Hudson, WI.

💄 My flawless makeup was done by Sarah Elizabeth from St. Paul, MN who made me look absolutely like me but...better. I was especially dreading this part of the photoshoot and Sarah made it so much fun!!!!

🏠 And I have to mention my FAB location for photos. It's typically used for boudoir shoots and is full of erotica and naked Barbies and all things I love. I'm obsessed.

I couldn't do it without help from these talented folks!

I cannot recommend these talented folks highly enough and you should totally hire them

Having me actually enjoy the entire process of refreshing my website and socials and LOVE the results is no small feat lol!!!!!

And I'd be absolutely remiss if I didn't give a special nod to my fave massage therapist of all time (and I've traveled the world specifically for massages) - Erin from Northern Aura Wellness in St. Paul, MN.

She keeps my body running month after month and was the PERFECT way to end photoshoot day.

[ə,ā fək ye līf]

(n.) A Fuck Yeah Life- To live a life that makes your whole self say, "Fuck yeah I did!" It is is one in which you decide to relentlessly pursue a life that has you excited to do it all over again tomorrow even if today was shitty because it’s all about who you become as you take action on your desires & dreams so that you can feel deep levels of joy, gratitude, meaning, fulfillment, connection, impact, aliveness, excitement at life's possibilities, <insert your core desired feelings>. It's not a perfect, best, or dream life but a life full of courage and experimentation and curiosity and failure and triumph and joy and tragedy and everything in-between

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