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“Just be yourself.” How many times have you heard this super annoying phrase uttered while growing up…in your career…from well-meaning people who had no idea what the hell was going on in that dick brain of yours? That’s all cool but no one taught us HOW to just be yourself. And if you’re anything like […]

Comin' in hot!

Part confessional, part teach you how to do the damn work, part pep talk...all designed to help you fall in love with your damn life

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Hey there!

I'm a magical mix of coach, perspective-shifting mentor, hair-holder, consultant, wing woman, get shit done'r, silver lining finder, & slightly annoying cheerleader

I'm Jen Vertanen, Life Design Coach & creator of The SELF Approach™

I used to roll my eyes at the notion of self love and loving my life because it felt so far outside the realm of possibilities. I thought both were saved for those who'd escaped childhood unscathed.

But a perfect storm in 2015 had me wake TF up and heal my childhood ish. Along the way, I started to not only love but LIKE myself and I stopped wanting to escape from my life and instead, intentionally create my exciting future. That's saying a lot when you read my stories!

And now? I've created my own framework (The SELF Approach™) and  get to help women all around the world fall in love with themselves, their lives, and create the future THEY want. How cool is that?!?

A transformational life coach for women who know they can live a life they love waking up to and are ready to do the work to make it happen

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