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Connecting with your future self changes you. It changes your perspective, your mindset, what you spend your energy on, the decisions you make, and who you give your fucks to…it pretty much changes (or at least shifts) everything. It allows you to make better decisions in the moment or at the very least, helps you […]

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Future self work is my jam. It’s my go-to for myself when I’m working through hard shit and it’s where I start each of my clients by creating a super detailed vision of their wisest, coolest, badassest 80-yo selves. Why? Because it helps us make better choices and take action NOW instead of wallowing around […]

The only way one can live a life full of fulfillment and deep contentment is to fully love oneself. ✨ The good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Warts and all. ✨ Even when you’ve been the asshole. ✨ Especially when you’ve acted out of integrity. And this is what scares people away from doing […]

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The most powerful exercise I’ve ever done – the one that makes my transformational changes stick year after year – that’s fun and full of possibilities and hope – that I’ve centered my coaching around…is how to create your future self. Your Future Self Has the Answers Today You Needs Creating a vision of your […]

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I certainly had this fear when at 45, with most likely over half my life behind me, I had decades under my belt feeling resentful, unfulfilled, bored, and on top of it all – ungrateful because my life was actually pretty fucking great (from the outside). Can we say “miserable cow” lol? I remember very […]

Are You Worried About Becoming a Grumpy Old Woman - Coaching with Jen Vertanen

One of the tools I use often in both my coaching and my day job (software development project manager) is the concept of reverse engineering. The technical definition is the reproduction of another manufacturer’s product following detailed examination of its construction or composition but I like to think of it as deconstructing what you want […]

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