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Embrace Your Rebellious Journey to a Fulfilling Life

Hello, dear fellow strong, independent, ambitious woman who mostly has her shit together…at least from everyone else’s perspective!

I see you working so hard to keep it all together and be the best wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, leader, auntie, employee, etc. that you possibly can.

And I want to acknowledge it’s…a lot. (I know…)

You see, we were raised being told we could have it all and we’ve been killing ourselves to chase that “dream” ever since.

And what it’s done is left a whole generation of women who feel burnt out, crispy around the edges, unsatisfied, over- and underwhelmed, unfulfilled, bored, and just…eh.

We’re learning that we can have it all…just not all at the same time but our brains and egos haven’t caught up with reality quite yet.

If you’re anything like I was or my clients, you kind of secretly want to burn it all down, run away and start over.

Only…you’re not really going to do that because you’re also responsible, you actually do love your family, yadda yadda yadda.

So where does that leave you?

It leaves you longing for more, putting your head down to plow through the proposals at work and giving your kiddos the best life you can, helping your parents navigate medical stuff as they get older, etc.

And the kicker?!?!?! You feel GUILTY for wanting more because you realize how god damn #blessed your life really is.


I and others are working hard to change the narrative…that there’s so much possibility and opportunity in front of us to find and live our rebelliously fulfilling lives – one that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

One that you don’t secretly want to escape from.

The good part? It’s not too late and you’re never too old.

The less-than-great part? You do kind of need to get going.

The part you maybe don’t want to hear but need to hear? It’s going to take some intentional work on your part to a) figure out what you do want, b) ditch the shame and guilt for wanting more, c) make some changes here and there to bring you closer and closer until you’re living your own version of a rebelliously fulfilling life.

It’s time to live your unapologetic, uncensored, and unashamed, fully YOU life.

One that has you going to bed at night thinking, hell yeah, I can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow.

Confidence to go after your audacious dreams even if that looks like retiring to the mountains of Ecuador like my mom did

Looking forward to all the opportunities + possibilities in front of you no matter your age

Not spending energy secretly wanting to burn it all down and run away and instead, spend that energy living your rebelliously fulfilling life!

And I’m here to help you through:

✨ my free stuff like this post and others

✨ helping you tap into the wisdom of your wisest #1 mentor, your future self, and

1:1 coaching where we use The SELF Approach™ that starts with desire and ends with healing

If you’re curious about exploring coaching together, let’s hop on a quick no-pressure call and talk about what’s possible for you and how we get you there as quickly as possible.

I believe in you and your ability to do the work because you do hard things literally all the time and I promise you – this work is some of the most important you’ll ever do.

With all the love in the world,

jen v. xo

Hey there!

I'm a magical mix of coach, perspective-shifting mentor, hair-holder, consultant, wing woman, get shit done'r, silver lining finder, & slightly annoying cheerleader

I'm Jen Vertanen, Make Shit Happen Coach + creator of The Fuck Yeah Methodology

I used to roll my eyes at the notion of self love and loving my life because it felt so far outside the realm of possibilities. I thought both were saved for those who'd escaped childhood unscathed.

But a perfect storm in 2015 had me wake TF up and heal my childhood ish. Along the way, I started to not only love but LIKE myself and I stopped wanting to escape from my life and instead, intentionally create my exciting future. That's saying a lot when you read my stories!

And now? I get to help women all around the world fall in love with themselves, their lives, and create the future THEY want. How cool is that?!?

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