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A very colorful older woman flipping off the camera against an orange background with a pink circle and the words Are You A No BS Woman?

Are You a No BS Woman?

Does any of this resonate with you?

✨ She makes herself a priority in her own damn life. She’s done dicking around when it comes to her happiness + satisfaction. Life is short and she doesn’t have time for anyone who thinks it’s selfish to put yourself first sometimes.

✨ She’s kind, compassionate, generous and also, stingy with her fucks and only gives the right amount of fucks to what she holds near and dear.

She’s strong, confident, + hella independent but also loves to be waited on and taken care of sometimes because she’s also multi-layered and complex.

✨ She embraces aging and all the dreams and opportunities in front of her. She looks back only to learn and move forward.

✨ She has very intentionally selected her ride or dies and will cut a bitch if anyone messes with her people.

She knows her inherent worth and value and isn’t afraid to take up space and ask for what she needs. She shows up for herself.

✨ She’s worked hard to cultivate a strong sense of trust in herself.

✨ She leads with desire, pleasure, and joy because the old way of hustle, grit, and grind got her places…but not where she wanted to go.

She’s able to laugh at life’s sometimes fuckedupedness, take a deep breath, and then figures out what lessons she might need to learn.

✨ She models self-friendship to those around her including her friends, family, co-workers, children (young + grown), etc.

✨ She owns her shit and apologizes from the heart when she’s been the asshole.

✨ She’s not afraid to ask for help or get support because she knows it comes from a place of self-love, friendship, + compassion, and ultimately, strength.

✨ She knows when it’s time to rest even if she can only grab 2 minutes to take her first deep breaths of the day AND THEN SHE RESTS.

She acknowledges her privilege and uses it to give back financially and/or with her time. She works on her inherent biases.

✨ She engages her highest vision of her future self to make decisions and take action in the here and now because she’ll be damned if future her is a bitter and lonely old woman.

✨ She doesn’t tear herself down. She doesn’t beat herself up. Life has its ups and downs but she always has her own back.

✨ She knows that because she makes herself a priority, she’s able to better care for those around her (which is the opposite of being selfish).

It doesn’t happen overnight but if this is something that speaks to and calls to you, I’d love to work with you to make it happen.

If you’re reading this and thinking – omg – that sounds so selfish – I hear you AND I’m going to invite you to think about this – if every person in the world was able to be emotionally well, how much better the world would be for ALL its inhabitants.

Yes, we have a long way to go to make it an equitable world for ALL but because she has her needs met, she’s able to more effectively and efficiently help others whether it’s through how she parents, is a boss, business owner, volunteer, girlfriend, partner, etc.

We heal in community, one person at a time.

jen v. xo

Hey there!

I'm a magical mix of coach, perspective-shifting mentor, hair-holder, consultant, wing woman, get shit done'r, silver lining finder, & slightly annoying cheerleader

I'm Jen Vertanen, Make Shit Happen Coach + creator of The Fuck Yeah Methodology

I used to roll my eyes at the notion of self love and loving my life because it felt so far outside the realm of possibilities. I thought both were saved for those who'd escaped childhood unscathed.

But a perfect storm in 2015 had me wake TF up and heal my childhood ish. Along the way, I started to not only love but LIKE myself and I stopped wanting to escape from my life and instead, intentionally create my exciting future. That's saying a lot when you read my stories!

And now? I get to help women all around the world fall in love with themselves, their lives, and create the future THEY want. How cool is that?!?

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