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Transform Your Present By Connecting with Your Future Self

Connecting with your future self changes you.

It changes your perspective, your mindset, what you spend your energy on, the decisions you make, and who you give your fucks to…it pretty much changes (or at least shifts) everything.

It allows you to make better decisions in the moment or at the very least, helps you not be so damn impulsive ALL the time (IYKYK).

It informs the actions you take because the magic is in “doing the work” – whatever that work is for you to live your most fulfilling and contented life.

The best? Connecting with your future self means no more stagnancy, no more settling, no more complacency because WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?!

Not me and not you because we are women who were put on this earth to make a difference and you can’t make a difference when you’re going through the motions, bored with your life.

This is backed by research even. Scientists from Stanford found that people who develop an emotional connection with their future selves are more likely to behave in ways that benefit both their current AND their future.

A strong connection with your future self and the willingness to “do the work” today is the key to making lasting changes stick.

I hear you saying, “That’s all great Jen…but exactly how do I do that?”.

Read on, my friend.

Step One – Bring her to life

Make her as real as you and I are sitting here reading this. Give her personality, depth, wisdom, and a life well lived and loved. Create a Pinterest board of images that make you think of her.

I’ve shared many blog posts about how to tap into the wisdom of your best future self so I’ll list them here for your reading pleasure.

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Step Two – Talk to her daily

If you’re a journaler, make it a habit to ask her for guidance in your journaling and even have her write you a note of encouragement for the day.

If you’re like me i.e. NOT a journaler, have a quick conversation with her in your head.

Ask her for her guidance and wisdom. Ask what she would do in a given situation.

Tell her when you need a pep talk or, let’s be honest, sometimes a swift kick in the ass.

Think about her at night before you go to sleep.

Does talking to her feel weird in the beginning? It might…it probably will. That’s ok though because you…er…I…er we do awkward things all the time.

As with anything new, it’s awkward at first until you get the hang of it, and when you get the hang of THIS? Your life literally changes for the better.

TAKE ACTION ==> Set a reminder on your phone to check in with her during the day until it becomes second nature for you to tap into her for guidance and wisdom.

Step Three – “Do the work”!

Creating a relationship with her goes a long way toward living the life you most desire but the magic comes when you take inspired + intentional actions that align with the vision you have for your life – both now and in the future.

She’s going to have a lot to tell you about ways you can be living your life now. Just know that you don’t have to do everything she says all at once. Incremental changes make tremendous impacts over time.

It’s more important to take imperfect action because there is no doing this “right”.

There’s staying stuck in analysis paralysis and overwhelm and then there’s putting on your brave pants and letting it be imperfect and tiny.

We’re going for the brave pants version here. Forward momentum is better than no momentum.

TAKE ACTION ==> Want to take action but aren’t sure where to even get started? 1:1 support may be the right next action for you to take!

“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.” Mary Pickford

Start connecting with your future self today and all she has in store for you. She is always on your side, always has your back, and wants nothing but the best for you.

What’s not to love?

jen v. xo

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