Go from checked out to checked all the fuck way in. I get you there faster.

You're done. Just done. It's time to plug back into your life and appreciate it for the amazingness it really is. Great partner, well-rounded kids, beautiful home, enviable career.

Lets get you checked back in so you can make whatever changes necessary to feel good in your life again.

Working with me has been described as coming home after a long day, putting on your coziest pajamas, grabbing a glass of your fave red, and relaxing down into your worn leather chair for your first big deep breath of the day.

Cozy, safe, nourished, loved, understood. Kicks in the ass when needed.

You've been checked out for so long that you probably don't even remember what it feels like to be fully checked-in and present in your life.

It's time...


1:1 Coaching with Jen

This is an intensive, high-touch, high impact 3-month program designed to take you from checked out and wanting to run and hide from your life and possibly burn it all down TO loving the ever loving hell out of if and excited for the future and all the possibilities it holds.

I guarantee that checked out feeling is showing up in all aspects of your life and that shit is toxic. Let's stop that shit already and get you checked all the fuck way in. What I'm trying to say is...if you have a business, you can totally write this off (and yes, we can absolutely talk about how this is impacting your business and what you can do about it). 

The investment is $3000 (payment plan available) and includes 12 60-minute sessions, 24/7 Voxer access and a metric fuck-ton of cheering on and accountability.

send me a dm on insta to get the convo going 

90-Minute Intensive

If you you know what being checked-in feels like but you keep getting in your own way and are ready for less dicking around and more taking inspired action. this hour and a half intensive is just for you.

We can cover so much ground in these intensives including where you're currently stuck, brainstorming, talking through that big decision that's been keeping you up at night, and loads more.

Along with 90-minutes, you also get 1 week of Voxer access to me so we can keep the conversation going and give you the accountability you've been craving.

The investment is $297 for 90-minutes and 1 week of Voxer access.

pssst...this is also a nice way to get a taste of what it's like working with me and the tremendous outcomes you can achieve. If you decide to continue on for 3-months, the cost of this session will be deducted from the overall cost of the 3-month package.

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Jen has a magical way of getting right into the crevasse of an issue and lovingly helping you to crack it wide open in order for you to let it properly heal. She has an ever-so-loving presence about her and will momma bear through the unshackling process of coming home to yourself and healing from the issues that lie deep down inside of yourself.

Jen is an incredible host. Her superpower is making her guests feel comfortable when talking about the most intimate topics.

She makes the listener feel as though we are right alongside her and her guest and even though the topics can sometimes be tough, the journey this podcast takes you on is highly fulfilling.


Thank you for showing me the mirror and allowing me to finally see and acknowledge the fear that I have been living with. This fear has been so deep that it is literally preventing me from moving forward. It is because of your warmth, kindness, and ability to “go there” with me. You held me in such a safe space that I was able to finally see myself and know that I was going to be okay. You have an incredible gift.

Beautiful Life Work

Jen and her myriad of guests always keep me coming back for more. I enjoy the honesty of each topic and how she seems to get right to the point but in the greatest of ways. She keeps it fun and also real down to earth in such a relatable style of communication. Thank you, Jen, for all the wonderful hours of listening that have enriched my life in so many soulful ways. I appreciate you and your amazing guests! I recommend everyone have some time with Going There with Jen!


Working with Jen has given me clarity and courage around accepting my true self and the values of connection. Any time I got off a call with her I felt refreshed and clear-headed. She always held a safe place for me to clear my mind while also asking powerful questions to help me see things from a new perspective. She helped me realize I’m never really alone.

It's Simply Good for Your Soul!

It's all too easy to skim the surface in a podcast interview, but with her guests in each episode, Jen leads us on cathartic journies through some pretty heavy stuff. It's more than just fly on the wall convos…we're too often told is shameful but through these stories, we relate and we get empowered to name it and speak our truth out loud. This podcast does humanity a much needed service.


Jen has an acute intuition and ability to discover what's beneath the surface through the use of powerful questions and metaphors. Jen helped see that my unwanted controlling behavior was a reflection of my fear of being hurt and taken advantage of. When we explore the things we're not proud of, our deepest fears and secrets, we can feel vulnerable.

This podcast makes me feel like I am sitting down with my best friends having a real conversation.

It's amazing how much you can learn about yourself through by listening to other people's healing journey.

This podcast has given a voice to the emotions of my life. So well done!

So good!

Truthtellers like Jen open doors for all of us to go there in the conversations we need/want to have in our own lives.

Thank you for your vulnerability and courage!



Raving fans


what's it like working with you?

If you've read my About page already you know I'm warm, funny, sarcastic, irreverent, and sometimes stick my foot in my mouth. I'm also super safe, non-judgmental, and not afraid to lovingly call you on your b.s. that's holding you back.

Think of me as your fave aunt that you can tell anything to. She'll keep your secrets, hold you to a high standard, see the potential in you and work to draw it out and she will cheer you on almost embarrassingly so.

My job is to ask the hard, powerful questions, offer perspective, uncover your blind spots and give you space to explore and get curious. I will offer supportive tools in our sessions to help you bust through any lingering blocks that are keeping you stuck and feeling less than. Basically - I've got your back.

Yes - this will be one of the hardest things you ever do BUT I promise you it will be oh so worth it when you get to the other side and realize your baggage is no longer in the driver's seat.

do you have payment plans?

I absolutely do. I want to make working with me as easy and accessible as I can. Send me a dm on Insta or an email to to get the conversation started.

I've never really told anyone this stuff...

Big mama bear hugs to you and I get it…that was me for 45 of my 50 years so I get it….OH do I get it. I also get the bone-achingly loneliness that comes when we keep our deepest and darkest to ourselves. And I don't want that for you or anyone for that matter.

Being nervous is 1000% normal AND getting real and vulnerable with ourselves and others is the way through and why not practice in a super safe, non-judgmental, and completely supportive space? I've got you…promise.

I would love to work with you

i know it's fun to dream about starting over but you & I both know that's not really what you want

So let's get you off the proverbial pot and start tackling what about your life isn't working and what you can do about it instead.
Dreaming is fun but you're spending a metric-ton of brain power on it and you're already exhausted.
Let's stop that shit...m'kay?

I would love to work with you

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