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Restlessness. Do you haz it?

The feeling that you want to move forward but you just can’t get out of your own way so you stay feeling stuck and it’s MADDENING?!?!?

Feelings of:

✨ frustration

✨ unsettledness

✨ ineffectiveness

✨ discontent

✨ thoughts running through your brain a million miles a minute but you’re unable to take action

✨ troubles falling asleep because you know something needs to change but you’re not sure where to start…

I get it. I used to have it too…so much so that I coined the phrase Restless Woman Syndrome™.

If you’re feeling restless, consider it a big ‘ol sign from your soul knocking on the door asking you to do something about it i.e. take some ACTION!

What causes a person to feel restless?

I mean…all SORTS of things.

Unhappy with your job, lacking passion and excitement in your life, knowing you’re meant for more, continually not prioritizing your needs, dealing with lots of overwhelm, not having the support you need, etc.

And the list goes on…it can be a big one but in a nutshell, we feel restless when:

✨ our life’s expectations aren’t being met

✨ the course of our life feels out of our control

✨ we’re not pursuing our passions and purpose(s)

✨ we know the cost of staying stuck in place but can’t seem to get out of our own way

But there is absolutely hope and it starts with understanding why you’re restless and giving yourself heaping doses of self-compassion and radical kindness as you move into action.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” ~ Maya Angelou

The fastest way to move into action

There are all sorts of things you can try to ease your restlessness.

You can meditate, learn how to relax, make a list of your passions and purpose, talk to a coach, create plans, etc.

…but my most favorite (and fun!) way?

Reverse-engineering what you actually want from life.

Novel concept…I KNOW. But it works like nothing else I’ve ever tried before.

It’s hella fun + full of possibility + hope…something you’ve been sorely missing if you’re on the restlessness struggle bus.

Start from your 80-yo future self and work backward through the decades to paint as vivid a picture as possible of who you want to be, how you want to live, what lights you up…what a purposeful, intentional, fulfilling life looks like for YOU.

Not your mom, not your best friend, not your spouse, not society at large, not your culture…but what YOU want.

What is going to make YOU light up from the inside out and have you going to sleep each night thinking you can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow?

Taking inspired + intentional action

Once you’ve reverse-engineered your wildly fulfilling life, it’s time to take one tiny step at a time.

Action gives you clarity and momentum which in turn moves you closer and closer to living your most wildly fulfilling life sooner rather than later because who has time for messing around?!?!

Action = the antidote for restlessness…BAM.

Get support!

If you are a woman on a mission and are mind-numbingly tired of perhaps decades of restlessness, I would LOVE to support you through my 1:1 work  where we dive even deeper into helping you craft a life that feels as good as it looks.

It’s time.

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Feeling Restless? It’s Time For Some Mother-Trucking ACTION!

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