Get unstuck & intentionally answer "What's next?" 

No-fluff coaching + resources for women who want to live a life they love waking up to

Live her day-to-day full of intention, meaning, purpose, joy, fulfillment, and fun even if she doesn't know quite where to start

Stop asking "What's next?" and bring her dreams to life even if they've been on the back burner for decades and saying them out loud feels's time

Be the the woman she's always wanted to be even if she's not entirely sure who she is anymore

Take action on creating a life they love the hell out of even if it means getting outside her comfort zone...she's tired of being comfortable

Life Design Coaching is for women who are ready to

Life Design is about intentionally creating a vision for a life you love the hell out of and then “doing the work” to make it a reality by becoming the woman who loves her damn life through consistent devotion to taking intentional + imperfect action


It's as simple and as hard as this

What are the benefits of  intentionally designing your life through coaching?

Simply put, working with a Life Design Coach will get you where you want to go faster.

Imagine feeling courageous as you bring your dreams to life with bespoke support, feeling safe to do things outside your comfort zone, and building deep levels of self-trust, self-confidence, self-loyalty, and self-love as you "do the work" to bring your exciting vision to life.

I'm a Life Design Coach helping women get crystal clear on what they want in this next chapter and take intentional & purposeful action to bring it to life.

Because what you want matters...a LOT. The world needs more people living and loving their BIG fulfilling lives.

Love Your Damn Life was born from my own experiences and education.

I've always been a coach + mentor (literally since high school when I'd take kids under my wings) but in 2015, after almost walking away from the one person who'd always had my back (my husband), and rebuilding myself from the inside out,  it's now my mission to help other women transform their lives so they can love the hell out 'em.

Doing this work with myself and my clients, I've created my own framework - The SELF Approach™ - which starts from a place of desire and crafting a compelling vision with a tangible roadmap and tactical actions to bring that plan to life as quickly as possible.

My job is to help you look within for what you truly, deeply want and help you bring it to life. I will lovingly challenge your assumptions and help you work through your blind spots as you take courageous action one teeny tiny step at a time.

Together, we'll create a plan that answers, "Who do I need to be and what do I need to do so I can have the life I want to have?".

I'm so excited for you.

Hi, hi! I'm Jen V.

Lifestyle design coaching to help women design lives they love the hell out of

Come with an open mind that is ready to get curious instead of (self) judgmental

Be open to doing things outside your comfort zone because if nothing changes, nothing changes

Get excited about experimenting and the understanding that there is no "right" way but finding YOUR way that takes into account your life, your brain, your desires, your resources, etc.

Have a strong-bias for action and ability to check perfectionism at the door because you can't think your way have to "do the work"

Be able to laugh at life's sometimes fuckery because life will absolutely life but you are more committed to "doing the work" than staying same-same

A willingness to be lovingly called on any b.s. leftover from old habits, stories, and beliefs

How to get the most out of Life Design Coaching

Thank you for showing me the mirror and allowing me to finally see and acknowledge the fear that I have been living with. This fear has been so deep that it is literally preventing me from moving forward. It is because of your warmth, kindness, and ability to “go there” with me. You held me in such a safe space that I was able to finally see myself and know that I was going to be okay. You have an incredible gift.


Heather K.

Lina B.

Jen has a magical way of getting right into the crevasse of an issue and lovingly helps you crack it wide open in order for you to let it properly heal. 


Working with Jen has given me clarity and courage around accepting my true self and the values of connection. Any time I got off a call with her I felt refreshed and clear-headed. She always held a safe place for me to clear my mind while also asking powerful questions to help me see things from a new perspective. She helped me realize I’m never really alone.


Alex B.

As your Life Design Coach, my role is to create a super safe container for you to get radically honest with yourself, face your fears, and "do the work" to bring your vision to life.

It's a beautiful unfolding and I'm always beyond honored to be someone's partner, coach, mentor, guide, hair-holder, fellow adventurer, etc.

I will lovingly challenge you, ask you thought-provoking questions to go deep beneath the surface, offer you perspective and yes - sometimes my advice, and hold belief in your dreams enough for the two of us when you hit upon resistance, fear, etc.

Our relationship is one of accountability, deep belief, partnership, openness, and honesty.

I give you my all and know you'll do the same.

What is my role in Design Your Life Coaching?

Take the first step in living a life that excites the hell out of you!

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