Hi! I'm Jen :)

My messy truth & the perfect storm

It took almost walking away from my marriage and realizing at the 11th hour that wasn't going to fix anything, in fact, only make things worse...

...and an email from my mom sweeping alllllll the years of abuse under the rug because she and my dad "spoiled" us (me & my bro) to make up for our parent's "tense" relationship.


That was the perfect storm I needed to wake TF up and figure my shit out because continually feeling broken, restless, ungrateful, resentful, bored, lonely, etc.?

That was NOT how I was going to let my story end.

The perfect storm forced me to look in the mirror and ask the question...

Who am I really and what's next for me?

For all intents & purposes, I had it all.

Upwardly mobile career with a nice fat paycheck, what looked to be a solid & supportive marriage, nice house, well-rounded kiddos, etc.

I was supposed to be happy & grateful. Inside I felt anything but.

Treading water, pretending to be "fine" and "having it all together" all while hiding behind a mega-watt smile and the keen ability to make everyone else laugh.

It was exhausting. And isolating. And heartaching for my husband to watch because he could only love and support me...he couldn't fix it for me.

The perfect storm presented an opportunity. I could either keep on keeping on OR I could figure my shit out.

"Having it all" except what you want most...

Because if nothing changes, nothing changes.

What came next was "doing the work" to transform my life from the inside out

Being radically honest & compassionate with myself allowed me to heal childhood traumas & my relationship with myself, mend my marriage, & feel whole for the first time in my life without burning it all down

Now it's my mission...

Helping women answer "What's next?" and fall in love with themselves and their lives...all without burning it all down because wherever you go, there you are.

Imagine a world of people (especially women!) fully engaged in their lives, sharing their gifts with the world all while getting their own needs met too.

Talk about a ginormous middle finger to a world that profits from our pain instead of our joy & fulfillment.

Not only am I a Certified Life Coach, I've been coaching and mentoring people for literal decades through my professional work as an expert software development project manager.

I know a thing or 100 about "doing the work" and getting massive results.

It's my absolute pleasure, honor,  and delight to help other women fall in love with themselves and their lives without having to burn it all down.

If you question if this is all there ever is and would rather answer "What's next?"

...if life feels like you're perpetually on the hamster wheel with no end in sight

If you're tired of wearing all the masks and facades...

You and I both that's no way to live...not for you.

Interested in having me on your podcast or speaking to your audience? You can find my bio + photos here and media kit here

I have decades of tools and acumens under my belt...

I help "have it all" women live lives that feel as good as they look

We start with the end in mind (starting with a detailed vision of your 80-yo future self) and quickly reverse-engineer so you can take action TODAY


I want to get you into action as quickly as possible; we never rush the process but I also don't let you dilly-dally. Life is far too short and precious for that


I believe in putting yourself first sometimes (tbh, oftentimes) because I know you getting your needs met allows you to show up even better in your many roles


My process is powerful & life-changing

I live in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul), MN with my husband and last kiddo at home (we'll be empty nesters in less than a year 😭) and our 2 drooly newfoundlands.

Life's not complete until you've slid through a newf drool pile.
At least, that's what we tell ourselves!

I thrive on new experiences, anything that gets my adrenaline pumpin', and love nothing more - except my family - than a super dry red wine 🍷.

I "did the work" and healed my ish and am now living MY version of a life well lived & loved.

I will never be done growing + learning and my personal mission is keeping 80-yo future me hella proud because hoo-boy can she be a feisty, spicy one!

You could say I'm slightly obsessed when it comes to women loving the shit out of their lives

Current obsessions: Extra dry red wine, Ted Lasso, Yellowstone, finding the perfect red for my lips, smashing the patriarchy, Kindle Unlimited, GBBS, & the word "fuck"

Thank you for showing me the mirror and allowing me to finally see and acknowledge the fear that I have been living with. This fear has been so deep that it is literally preventing me from moving forward. It is because of your warmth, kindness, and ability to “go there” with me. You held me in such a safe space that I was able to finally see myself and know that I was going to be okay. You have an incredible gift.


Heather K.

Around here...

We unapologetically own our shit & do the work to heal.

We are our own heroes.

Time is a luxurious privilege we don’t take for granted.

We live in the both/and and hold space for nuances and complexities.

We own our privilege.

We have a strong bias for action because it’s in the action that we learn & grow

Ego doesn’t drive the bus…at least not all of the time.

We view life as a grand adventure and stay in relentless pursuit of a life well lived and loved.

You are the:
✨ go-getter, action-taker, decision-maker who feels a bit lost

✨ fiercely independent one who's longing for deeper connections

✨ strong + capable one who's tired of carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders but doesn't want others to see you struggle

✨ brave-hearted courageous one who's afraid to say out loud she needs more from life because what will people think...

You feel like life is passing you by and you really really hate that because it's so not who you are and yet...here you are.

You've read all the self help books and listened to all the podcasts and are beyond frustrated wondering why they seem to work for everyone else and what the hell is so wrong with you? (Hint: they don't and nothing is wrong with you)

Here's what I know. You can have a #blessed life and still feel restless, wildly unfulfilled and wanting more.

I was there at one point too...feeling guilty for wanting more when life was actually pretty damn great...but I didn't feel great which made me also feel horribly ungrateful. Talk about a vicious cycle!

I want you to know that shame you're carrying around for wanting more from life? It's literally doing nothing for you other than getting in your way and dragging you down. And who has time for that?!??!

Instead, we start from a place of desire by tapping into the wisdom of your future self...the one who is already living and loving her life boldly, unapologetically, unashamed, and out loud.

She holds the clues and we're going to peel back the layers and reverse-engineer until we have a plan that feels doable and excites the hell out of you.

Because that's the key to making changes that stick...when the journey feels good.

Do you see yourself in any of this?

I'm an Aries with a Leo Moon and Sagittarius Rising, Enneagram 7, INFP, Manifesting Generator, and Explorer through and through. 

In a nutshell, I get shit done while having loads of fun.

I sometimes laugh (more than I should) at inappropriate times.

So much so that I decided to name my company Socially Awkward Since 1970.

I collect vintage Aqaman.

While Jason Momoa is smokin' HOT, he is no Aquaman.

I was Mother Superior in my high school's production of The Sound Of Music.

Climb every mountain, bitches.

I have a thing for Bigfoot and am not ashamed to say I read Bigfoot erotica.

I swear, have tattoos and a nose ring, believe black lives matter, am a liberal Subaru Outback driving precious snowflake, think poop and farts are always funny, and am sex-worker positive, non-religious, and queer.

I'm also loads of fun to be around but it might not be your kind of fun and that's ok!

Other random tidbits about me

This 80-yo future self stuff is kind of intriguing me...take me to the quiz so I can see what it's all about!

I think I might want to take the next step and talk about working with you! You're speaking directly to my heart and I want to get unstuck.

I want to poke around some more and see what you're talking about...how can I live & love myself and my life?

Where to next?

Download the fastest & fun way to get unstuck for good! 

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Uncover what drives your happiness & fulfillment so you can stop wondering if this is all there ever is

Take charge of that happiness & fulfillment NO MATTER WHAT instead of waiting for others to give their approval 

Answer what it is you wantneed from the rest of your life so you can get unstuck and start taking action 


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