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I'm an open book and wear my emotions on my sleeves when sharing about finding my way back to me.

My own tales of overcoming decades long loneliness (results of an emotionally abusive childhood).

Almost walking away from the only good thing in my life (my marriage and family).

The proverbial straw that broke the camel's back (an email from my mom sweeping allllll the abuse under the rug).

My gloriously messy and not always graceful journey of healing (I wouldn't have it any other way).

Losing both of my parents 9 months apart and how it opened up new layers of healing I never realized were there and why I'm the most emotionally well I've ever been.

Growing old gratefully and powerfully. I'm just getting started and LOVE lighting the 🔥 in others.

And my unique approach to coaching clients using my SELFISH framework which blends my years of training and experience in the personal development world alongside my work as an expert software development project manager you actually want to work with because I get lots of great shit done without a gazillion meetings. You know exactly what I mean.

People love hearing tales of all the things that make us human


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Jen Vertanen is a coach + mentor to women in their 40s, 50s, + beyond who are ready to finally put themselves first for a SELFISH (her signature framework) minute and live their second half even better than their first.

Jen believes It’s time to start a midlife revolution; one that gives you a full body, toe-curling YES and we’re not just talking orgasms here (though those are important too).

Using her signature candor, humor, and love of looking at life in all its messy glory, Jen wants the world to know it’s never too late and you're never too old. 

It's time to shake things up because the rest of your life is literally waiting for you right this very moment

Learn more at jenvertanen.com.

Website: jenvertanen.com
Instagram: instagram.com/no_bs_midlife_women/

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I have a few important notables:

I will share enthusiastically as I see fit for my audience and am most active on Instagram and Facebook.

I believe in quality over quantity and will not share my social media numbers or my list size. I'm working to change the paradigm and if quantity is more important to you, we are not a good fit.

I will not create special content for your audience.

I believe in autonomy and free-will and certain audiences (ahem, white Jesus GOP Christians) most likely will not appreciate nor agree with me. I'm more than ok with that.

You must have or are working to have diversity in your speakers – body, sexuality, gender identity, culture, etc. I am a cis- white woman who deeply values diversity in voice, culture, and appearance.

If you're cool with these, please send an email to jen@jenvertanen.com and we'll get the ball rolling! I can't wait to go there with you!

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