Empowerment Coaching for Women Wanting More from Life

Empowered women trust themselves to create lives they love the hell out of

Bring your big, hairy audacious dreams to life with confidence and knowing exactly WHO you are

have deep levels of confidence in themselves no matter what even when life decides to life

create a meaningful life driven by values, beliefs, and core desired feelings even when self-doubt tries to tug away at your confidence

love yourself unconditionally and unapologetically even when you've been the asshole in which case, of course you make amends

be firmly in the driver's seat of your life even when things happen outside your control

live life to the fullest even when life has other plans

Empowerment Life Coaching is for women who want to

We work on all of this and so much more in my women's empowerment coaching program. I provide the tools, resources, and guidance as you become the woman who loves her damn self no matter what else is going on in your world

Being an empowered woman means no longer compromising who YOU are or what you need to live your most fulfilling life

Having trust in yourself that no matter what, you have your own back and best interests at heart

It means having confidence in the decisions you make and the actions you take...that each one is moving you closer and closer to what you want and who you want to be

Imagine no longer feeling held back by internal barriers and fears but instead, begin achieving what you most want in life

That's the empowered woman


How will working with an Empowerment Life Coach help me?

Simply put, working with an Empowerment Life Coach for women will get you where you want to go faster.

Imagine feeling courageous as you bring your dreams to life with bespoke support, feeling safe to do things outside your comfort zone, and building deep levels of self-trust, self-confidence, self-loyalty, and self-love as you "do the work" to bring your exciting vision to life.

I bring unbiased, non-judgmental, and fresh perspective as I guide you in creating an unshakeable relationship with yourself as you re-discover your self-worth.

I finally started listening to my inner voice (as opposed to my ego!) in 2015 when I hit my personal rock bottom and had no where to go but up.

On the surface, I had pretty much everything going for me. Supportive spouse, kiddos doing well, career with a healthy paycheck, etc.

But inside, I felt small. Trapped. And a bit like a fraud because it seemed I had everyone fooled because of my big, natural smile that said, "Everything's "fine"!".

I saw no way out other than to burn things down and start over but before I could make the final step, my heart FINALLY found its voice and said, "THIS ISN'T WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT!!!!!".

Thankfully I listened and today I no longer feel small. I feel the opposite of trapped. I both love AND like myself and feel deeply fulfilled and radically content.

I did this through creating a new relationship with myself. One that doesn't make me feel good, bad, right, or wrong for wanting what I want and needing what I need.

A relationship full of kindness, compassion, confidence, and yes - love. 

It didn't come easily or naturally but I kept at it because everything else I'd tried had failed.

And one day, I no longer had to work so hard at being the woman who loves herself and her life. I just...was.

And now it's my absolute joy & pleasure to help other women on this self-empowering journey.

It's so so worth it. I promise.

Hi, hi! I'm Jen V.

Women's empowerment coach

Come with an open mind that is ready to dive deep and get curious instead of (self) judgmental

Be open to doing things outside your comfort zone because if nothing changes, nothing changes

Get excited about experimenting and the understanding that there is no "right" way but finding YOUR way that takes into account your life, your brain, your desires, your resources, etc.

Have a strong-bias for action and ability to check perfectionism at the door because you can't think your way through...you have to "do the work"

Be able to laugh at life's sometimes fuckery because life will absolutely life but you are more committed to "doing the work" than staying same-same

A willingness to be lovingly called on any b.s. leftover from old habits, stories, and beliefs

How to get the most out of working with an Empowerment Life Coach

Thank you for showing me the mirror and allowing me to finally see and acknowledge the fear that I have been living with. This fear has been so deep that it is literally preventing me from moving forward. It is because of your warmth, kindness, and ability to “go there” with me. You held me in such a safe space that I was able to finally see myself and know that I was going to be okay. You have an incredible gift.


Heather K.

Lina B.

Jen has a magical way of getting right into the crevasse of an issue and lovingly helps you crack it wide open in order for you to let it properly heal. 


Working with Jen has given me clarity and courage around accepting my true self and the values of connection. Any time I got off a call with her I felt refreshed and clear-headed. She always held a safe place for me to clear my mind while also asking powerful questions to help me see things from a new perspective. She helped me realize I’m never really alone.


Alex B.

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