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I help women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond finally put themselves first for a SELFISH minute and live their second half even better than their first. It’s time to start a midlife revolution; one that gives you a full body, toe-curling YES and we’re not just talking orgasms here (though those are important too).


are you a no bs midlife woman?

Truly…who are you?

What makes you tick?

What makes you come alive?

What makes you peeyourpants with laughter?

What makes you holy rage?

What do you run towards?

What makes you run away?

What will they say when you pass away?

What are your favorite memories?

How does someone feel in your presence?

What do you want people to most know?

What is the thing that only you can do?

What dreams do you have and will they come true?

What makes you weep?

What makes you smile from the inside out?

What are your weak spots?

Your not-so-guilty pleasures?

What trait embarrasses you?

If your heart were a painting, what style would it be?

What are your paradoxes and dichotomies?

What hills are you willing to die on?

What is 80-yo you most looking forward to?

Where does shame hide deep inside?

What recharges your energy?

What scares the bejeebus out of you?

What traits do your fave people share?

What are you doing when all your senses are delightfully engaged?

You are a gloriously, magnificent creature; there is only one you.

Self-awareness is sexy. Remember that. Also? You’re never too old to step into your most you-ness. Old is the new young. It’s a whole vibe.

Need some help? My clients LOVE creating their Most You-ness Pinterest boards. Here’s mine for example. Create your own board and then go live your PleasureFULL ™ life.

You are worthy. You matter too. It’s ok to put yourself first for a SELFISH hot minute.

Love, Me

Who Are You In Your Most You-ness?

Who Are You In Your Most You-ness?

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