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👋🏼 I'm Jen V. Certified Life Coach and creator of Project Love Your Damn Self.

I help go-getters, decision-makers, get-shit-doners, have-it-all-ers, personal-development-side-eyers go from falling asleep wondering if this is all there ever is to living a life that has them jumping out of bed excited to do it all over again.

You are not too old and it’s not too late but you do kind of need to get going because life is 👏🏼too👏🏼damn👏🏼short.

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I love old ladies. Like…LOVE love them.

I love their wrinkly faces and slightly hunched over bodies, voices a bit wobbly, and a twinkling in their eye that reminds you they are still very much alive.

I love their wisdom and how they literally have no fucks left to give.

I especially LOVE when people share stories and images with me of older women doing AMAZING things regardless how much life they’ve lived.

👵🏼 Betty Reid Soskin – the National Park Ranger who retired at 100 after starting her career as a ranger at the ripe old age of 84.

👵🏼 Jane Campbell who published her first novel at age 80 – Cat Brushing which explores the erotic, emotional, and intellectual lives of elderly women.

👵🏼 Or even my mom who retired as a Post Master in her 50s, became a Pastor in her 60s, and retired to the mountains of Ecuador before finally finding her happiness and her people. All while traumas from when her dad abandoned her at age 3, being married to my dad – a very mentally ill and emotionally abusive man – and decades of complications from Type 1 diabetes.

These women – and so many more – are examples of what’s possible no matter your age.

It’s literally not too late and you’re not too old…but you do kind of need to get going!

The key to making healthy decisions is to respect your future self. Honor him or her. Treat him or her like you would treat a friend or a loved one. ~ A.J. Jacobs

Before I healed my ish, pre-2015 Jen was worried about turning into a bitter, old, crotchety, mean, woman. Someone no one wanted to be around – not even her family.

I used to lie in bed at night embarrassed for my family when no one showed up at my (future) funeral.

I mean…can you imagine?!?!?!?

Even in those dark days though, I had a vision of 80-year-old me who was vibrant, joyful, loving, kind, still told inappropriate jokes and made things awkward from time to time.

I’d had glimpses of her…of who I could be…even on those darkest days when my voices said I wasn’t a very good or kind human being.

When my world fell apart in 2015 and I had to rebuild myself literally from the inside out, I decided my mission was to become the lively, vibrant Jen which meant healing all the baggage and shit that was holding me back from living and loving the hell out of myself and my life.

Post-2015 Jen? Damn, do I love her. 

The game-changer for me to FINALLY start healing? Creating a relationship with my future, 80-year-old self.

And now I help others do the same (it’s the S in The SELF Mehod™ – Start with Desire); it’s literally the first step for a new client.

I’ve created a quiz to help you tap into your 80-year-old future self along with 4 “old lady” personas – Edna, Dorothy, Betty, and Gigi.

It’s fun, slightly NSFW, 45 seconds, and totally Buzzfeed worthy.

Will you be like Edna?

Feisty & Fabulous? Full of vim and vigor and literally zero fucks to give?

I mean look at her. How can you not LOVE Edna?

A feisty, colorful older woman with the words Meet Edna, Feisty & Fabulous

Or maybe like Dorothy?

The Life of The Party. Dorothy is the one who might get kicked out of her old folks’ home. She loves to have fun and laugh and tell inappropriate jokes.

A group of 4, smiling older women all wearing funny sunglasses with the words Meet Dorothy - Life of the Party

How about Betty?

Betty is the Warm & Cozy Grandma and just oozes warmth and kindness. She loves her family so, so hard but never at the expense of losing herself.

A lovely older woman smiling at the camera with a coffee mug in her hand and the words Meet Betty - Warm & Cozy Grandma

And we can’t forget about Gigi!

And finally, we have Gigi, Hip & Viral Granny. The kids love hanging with her. She’s a viral sensation on Tik Tok. She knows all the abbreviations and slang.

A gorgeous older woman with her silver hair piled high on her head and the words Meet Gigi, Hip, cool, granny

Or are you like me and a blend of all 4?

I created these personas based on my vision for my 80-yo self and maybe you resonate a bit with a few of them or even all 4 like me.

This is who I’m bringing to life. My future 80-yo self guides today me in decision-making and action-taking including how I treat myself.

I’m no longer waiting for “someday” and magically my life will feel amazing.

My life is amazing today BECAUSE I continually do the work.


Take the quiz and do the work in the accompanying (non-woo) guided visualization and workbook and see what guidance and advice your 80-yo self has for today you because

I can guarantee you she is NOT messing around when it comes to her happiness.

And neither should you.

From Jen Vertanen with love, xo

A joyful older woman shaking pink pom poms with the words Who will you be when you're 80 in a blue blob

Who Will You Be When You’re 80?

Download this FREE non-woo guided visualization and workbook to help you be well on your way to becoming your favorite person and answering "who the hell even am I?" by tapping into the wisdom of your best 80-yo future self who is NOT messing around when it comes to her happiness & fulfillment

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