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I'm Jen Vertanen - Mentor & Life Coach for unhappy-ish midlife women who are ready to take action to be their unapologetic, unstoppable, unfuckwithable selves (or as I like to say, favorite selves) and answer "What's next?" because what doesn’t become possible for you?

Stop asking if this is all there ever is and start being the woman who goes after what she truly wantsneeds so she can love the shit out of the rest of her life.

Future Self

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Figure Your Shit Out

Every moment of every day, you’re making a choice. You’re saying yes to something and no to something else.

The question is…is what you’re saying yes to moving the needle towards your hopes and dreams…the vision of your best possible future self?

Time To Get Real

Spend a day or two being super, uber-intentional from the time you get up to the time you go to bed.

How are you spending your time? Make note of it as you go about your day.

⇢ Are you spending hours on social media only to feel comparisonitis kicking in?

⇢ Are you making sure your physical, mental, and emotional needs are being met?

⇢ Are you drinking a couple of glasses of wine each night to unwind because you’re too wound up…to loosen those damn knots in your shoulder?

⇢ Are you connecting with loved ones + friends?

⇢ Do you get done with work and spend hours in front of the TV?

⇢ Are you keeping your boundaries i.e. your MIL isn’t getting your goat and driving you to that bottle of wine?

None of these are inherently good, bad, right, or wrong so put those judgy pants away.

The key is to NOTICE and then do more of what nourishes you and less of what doesn’t or worse, has you feeling poorly about yourself and your lives.

Even reading this post is something you’re saying yes to and hopefully, it’s doing its job and making you intentionally think about WHERE and HOW you’re spending your time.

What You Say Yes To Today Impacts Your Future

Whether that’s you tomorrow or you at age 80. Everything you do or don’t do today impacts the fulfillment and contentment of future you.

YOU get to intentionally choose how you go about your day and what you choose to say yes and no to.

YOU are in the driver’s seat.

Take It A Day At A time

I’ve asked you to spend a day or two intentionally noticing how you’re spending your time and what you’re saying yes and no to. Again – no judgment!

The next step is to look ahead to the next day or two, bringing intentionality into your day-to-day. Say YES to the things that nourish you and HELL NO to the things that don’t.

Don’t overcomplicate or overthink this activity. Allow for ease and knowing that you actually do know what you want to say YES to so that current AND future you are happy.

But What About My Responsibilities?

I don’t discount them. I have them too. Mine looks different from yours which may look entirely different for another reader.

Life is not a nirvana – it’s not Valhalla – and it sure as shit is not always easy.

I’m not asking you to live a perfect life full of only things you’re saying yes to that light you up, bring you joy, ease the pain, etc.

But where we can control it? I’m asking you to notice…to notice what you’re doing and ask the question:

👵🏼 Does this make future me happy, fulfilled, and deeply content?

If not, consider this a reminder that you have more choice than you’re giving yourself credit for, and as an autonomous, strong, independent woman…I want you to use those choices wisely.

What Are You Saying Yes To?

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