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I'm a coach for have-it-all checked out profesh moms who secretly dream of running away but know that's not really the answer.

I'm also the host of Going There - a show dedicated to all the stuff we keep deep down inside but shouldn't.

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Your success in life (not just of the $$$ variety) correlates directly to how uncomfortable you’re willing to be.

If you’re a client, you know how much I geek out about the brain and our ability to change it (neuroplasticity) no matter how old you are. Well- I found someone equally fascinated by it – Sarah Von Bargen of the popular blog, Yes and Yes.

Find out how you can do everything right and follow all the rules and still find yourself on a life’s journey full of plot twists and turns.

In today’s episode, we cover the gamut from how Sarah got started as a blogger (she was broke as a joke and $50k in debt with a $16/hour job) to the power of habits backed by science and how going face down in a bowl of pizza rolls is trying to tell you something to what it’s like having a Myer’s Briggs different than 98% of the population and how to not piss people off by judging them for not having their shit all together to how she found herself in the middle of a dance circle with Richard Simmons – yes – THAT Richard Simmons.

A weirdly, wonderful conversation (my favorite)…





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SARAH VON BARGEN is a writer, educator, and coach who helps people spend their money, money, and energy on purpose. s

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Sarah Von Bargen from Yes and Yes on What Going Face Down In A Bowl Of Pizza Rolls Is Trying To Tell You


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Well hey there,

I am Bridgerton steamy sex scene level OBSESSED with helping women figure out exactly why they're so checked out and lie awake at night thinking this is not the life they imagined and wondering how the hell they got here and do they need to burn it all down and start over?

I'm Jen.

because that's a pretty exhausting way to live

Instead, I help them get clear on what a peeyourpants future means for them, get super curious and look at their lives objectively (because - hello - it's hella hard to identify what to change when we're knee deep in our emotions), decide which changes will have the biggest impact, and take intentional and thoughtful actions without having to burn down their entire world.

And because I'm a professional bossypants (actual title) and have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy - I'll get you there faster and with lots of inappropriate laughter while we do the deep inner work.

i'm so ready to get checked all the fuck way in!!!

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