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Your success in life (not just of the $$$ variety) correlates directly to how uncomfortable you’re willing to be.

If you’re a client, you know how much I geek out about the brain and our ability to change it (neuroplasticity) no matter how old you are. Well- I found someone equally fascinated by it – Sarah Von Bargen of the popular blog, Yes and Yes.

Find out how you can do everything right and follow all the rules and still find yourself on a life’s journey full of plot twists and turns.

In today’s episode, we cover the gamut from how Sarah got started as a blogger (she was broke as a joke and $50k in debt with a $16/hour job) to the power of habits backed by science and how going face down in a bowl of pizza rolls is trying to tell you something to what it’s like having a Myer’s Briggs different than 98% of the population and how to not piss people off by judging them for not having their shit all together to how she found herself in the middle of a dance circle with Richard Simmons – yes – THAT Richard Simmons.

A weirdly, wonderful conversation (my favorite)…





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SARAH VON BARGEN is a writer, educator, and coach who helps people spend their money, money, and energy on purpose. s

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Sarah Von Bargen from Yes and Yes on What Going Face Down In A Bowl Of Pizza Rolls Is Trying To Tell You

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