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I help women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond finally put themselves first for a SELFISH minute and live their second half even better than their first. It’s time to start a midlife revolution; one that gives you a full body, toe-curling YES and we’re not just talking orgasms here (though those are important too).


are you a no bs midlife woman?


~ Haruki Murakami

For my fiftieth episode of Going ThereI had the utmost pleasure of journeying with Rachel Allen, a word wizard who overcame many of life’s biggest challenges and discovered herself in all of her shining glory at the end of it all.

We discuss how she navigates through the emotional labor, grief, and guilt caused by the loss of her long-term relationship, her family, and the life that she thought she knew.

At the end of the episode, we celebrate what a badass bitch Rachel is through it all and what a gift these grueling experiences really are.

Join us to hear the inspirational tale of how losing it all can help you find yourself!


Healer. Writer. Overall Badass.

Rachel Allen is a writer, copyist, and coach who has really survived a lot of shit in life. She is a true survivor who left a fundamentalist household, an unhealthy long-term relationship, and her old identity behind in order to discover who she truly was– her authentic, badass self.


GO Further

  • Why is guilt not always a negative force in life?
  • How can going through life’s hardships actually a gift?
  • How does hardship lead to resilience?
  • What are some benefits of getting lost in life?


RACHEL ALLEN is the founder of Bolt from the Blue Copywriting, a creative agency specializing in incredibly effective copy and content that gets right to the heart of who you are and makes your readers’ synapses sparkle.

Rachel Allen on Loss, Relationships, and Finding Her True Identity Through Life’s Hardships

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