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I could recognize that I actually am in choice in absolutely every moment. And there’s a lot of power in that.

We all go through hard times but it’s finding your way through it and to the other side – knowing you will battle your way out of it and that you’re going to be ok. Oftentimes it’s just a battle to feel like you can access joy but that doesn’t mean you give up trying to find it…to feel it.

My guest, Paula Jenkins, and I discuss this and so much more on this week’s episode. Paula shares with us her own journey back to joy (again and again) beginning with the traumatic birth of her son that left her with PTSD. We also explore how we can choose joy in difficult times and improbable situations…much like we find ourselves in today.

But it’s not just about joy. It’s also about grief and feeling every feeling in-between. Choosing the path that leads to love even when the options range from shitty to shittier…there’s always still a choice and you can always choose love.




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  PAULA JENKINS is a certified life coach, and host of the popular podcast, Jump Start Your Joy ™.  Her mission is to bring more joy into the world through coaching, podcasting, and helping others create podcasts to share their voice.

Jump Start Your Joy™ launched in 2015, and has been on iTunes New & Noteworthy, What’s Hot and bounces around the Top 200 under Personal Journals.

After receiving her Master’s degree in Religion from Yale University, Paula was a project manager for 20 years in the digital marketing space for big clients like Clorox, Visa, Genentech, Xbox, Robert Half, and Chevron Federal Credit Union.

She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Sean the Chef, their 9 year old son, and their friendly rescue chihuahua-mix named Chewbacca Baloney Jenkins (who goes by Chewie).

Website | Instagram

Paula Jenkins on How To Find Joy Even When Life Is Hella Hard

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