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Have you ever woken up and realized that you spent your entire life trying to fit into a label that you aren’t?

Do you feel guilt over not feeling close to somebody that you think you should?

Us too! Join me today as I talk with Liz Applegate, a kick-ass confidence coach for women over forty who also want to continue living their best lives throughout your midlife and beyond!

Liz gets candid about her own childhood, her mother’s mental illness, and how trying to subscribe to the “Good Girl” narrative for most of her life ended up limiting it. We discuss how the past informs the present in both helpful and harmful ways, and how practicing self-awareness and accepting some responsibility can help you move forward to live your best mid-life!

Healing is hard work, but is SO worth the challenge!


Perimenopause survivor and survivalist! Midlife Coach. So. Much. Girl. Power.  

Liz learned a lot of lessons in her life– the hard way. After going through perimenopause–without realizing it– Liz found herself a single mom of three boys, divorced, and without her own personal identity. Who was she if not a mother? If not a wife? If not a PTA member? Liz began looking for those answers in her own life and developed a passion for helping other women find them as well. She is now a certified confidence coach for women over the age of forty, a survivor, and the host of the “Midlife, Schmidlife” podcast!


GO Further

  • How can we and why is it important to separate the person (and their actions) from their mental illness?
  • Why affirmations do not heal anything and why healing is hard work.
  • Why it’s easier to avoid issues versus confront them and how talking about the past can help heal your trauma and your future
  • How coaching can help you navigate the twists and turns of midlife living in an affirmative, positive, and progressive way.


LIZ APPLEGATE is a confidence coach and podcaster who helps women rewrite the next chapter in their lives. Liz’s first-hand experience of transitioning through her 40’s included peri-menopause, divorce, remarriage with blending families, children who were flying the nest, an emergency hysterectomy and several career changes.Seeing a lack of resources or positive vibrant voices were the catalyst for Liz wanting to help other women experiencing the same changes.

Liz is on a mission to redefine how women and society see themselves as they age. As the cornerstone of her work, Liz helps her clients identify and break the good girl rules that they learned growing up and the ones that are keeping them playing small in their careers, relationships, and life. She shows them how to work with the voices of self-doubt and turn their “maybe someday” dreams into a reality of today.

Liz Applegate on Womanhood, Aging, and Healing

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