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Do you ever meet someone and right away feel like home? That’s how I felt when I first met Jen Pavich and I’m thrilled to share some of her stories and wisdom with you today. 

Like me, Jen became a mom before she was ready and like me, Jen had some fairly traumatic events in her life that molded and shaped her. Pile on top of that a bout of homelessness, societal and patriarchal expectations and you have one helluva story. Also? We all need a friend like Jen’s Melissa – someone to give us a good kick in the pants and poke fun at our myriad quirks.

Jen likes to say she’s lived at least five lives from becoming a young single parent, homelessness, massively different career reinventions, and so much more. Jen shares with us her stories of trying to be the perfect mom, her journey through personal development and why she’s a passionate feminist and life coach working to make paradigm shifts with the existing power structures at play in our society. And oh how we are fucked up as a society! We need more Jens!




JEN PAVICH is a feminist life coach and creator of the Unquiet Sisterhood Podcast. Jen helps women overcome their internalized patriarchy so they can start addressing external barriers. She also not-so-secretly radicalizes women to become social justice warriors hellbent on upending the existing power structure.

Jen is accredited as a coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF). She’s also a certified facilitator in The Daring WayTM method created by Dr. Brené Brown.

Jen Pavich on Living Five Lives, Homeless and Pregnant at 19, and Getting the Patriarchy Out of Our Heads

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