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I'm a coach for have-it-all checked out profesh moms who secretly dream of running away but know that's not really the answer.

I'm also the host of Going There - a show dedicated to all the stuff we keep deep down inside but shouldn't.

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So really…why bother? Why should I bother? Why should I risk it? Why should I be vulnerable?

We tell ourselves…

I’M TOO OLD. It’s already been done before. No one’s going to want to know that. WHAT’S THE POINT?

Sound a bit familiar to what’s rattling around in your head? Me too.

My guest today is none other than self-development pioneer and author, Jen Louden, and in today’s conversation, we tackle the question – Why bother? – which is also the name of her new book.

I’m honestly so excited about this book that I’m giving away a copy to a #goingtherewithjen listener. Why? Because, as Jen says, all too often we cut ourselves off from what we most want – connection, happiness, lightness – and I choose to believe in a world that’s quite the opposite and the sooner we all get there, the better. This book helps with that.

Listen in as Jen and I talk about her personal stories with why bother, how a failed book led to her latest book, identifying your minimum self-care list (especially important during this pandemic), how this question can show up in sneaky ways, and why leading with desire is the answer.




JENNIFER LOUDEN is a personal growth pioneer who helped launch the concept of self-care with her first bestseller, The Woman’s Comfort Book. Since then, she’s written seven additional books on well-being and whole living, including The Woman’ s Retreat Book and The Life Organizer, with close to a million copies of her books in print in nine languages. Jennifer has spoken around the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and has written a national magazine column for a Martha Stewart magazine. She’s been profiled or quoted in dozens of major magazines; two of Brené Brown’s books, Daring Greatly and Dare to Lead; and appeared on hundreds of TV, radio shows and podcasts—even on Oprah.

Her newest and most personal book Why Bother? Discover the Desire for What’s Next will be published on May 5, 2020.

Jennifer has been teaching workshops and retreats since 1992 and creating vibrant online learning experiences since 1999. She writes weekly to her email list of 20,000 and hosts an online community of over 600 members. She lives in Boulder County, Colorado.

Jen Louden on How to Listen to Your Own Why Bother and Letting Desire Lead the Way


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Well hey there,

I am Bridgerton steamy sex scene level OBSESSED with helping women figure out exactly why they're so checked out and lie awake at night thinking this is not the life they imagined and wondering how the hell they got here and do they need to burn it all down and start over?

I'm Jen.

because that's a pretty exhausting way to live

Instead, I help them get clear on what a peeyourpants future means for them, get super curious and look at their lives objectively (because - hello - it's hella hard to identify what to change when we're knee deep in our emotions), decide which changes will have the biggest impact, and take intentional and thoughtful actions without having to burn down their entire world.

And because I'm a professional bossypants (actual title) and have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy - I'll get you there faster and with lots of inappropriate laughter while we do the deep inner work.

i'm so ready to get checked all the fuck way in!!!

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