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I'm a coach for have-it-all checked out profesh moms who secretly dream of running away but know that's not really the answer.

I'm also the host of Going There - a show dedicated to all the stuff we keep deep down inside but shouldn't.

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I really believe that vulnerability creates connection…

~ Doña Bumgarner

Are you a mom and feel like a part of you is missing? That you’re going through the motions and things look good but it all feels a bit empty? Then this episode is for you and I chose it SPECIFICALLY for my 50th birthday because I’ve been there and Doña Bumgarner has too. With so much love in our hearts for you…

You can’t quit motherhood (well – you technically can but that’s not what we’re going to focus on here) so when Doña found herself unexpectedly pregnant and with no clue what the hell she was doing…she trusted her gut and looked back on life realizing she’d been able to figure things out thus far so what’s one more (admittedly HUGE) thing?

Listen in as Doña and I talk about how hard (and rewarding!) it can be to be a mom in a culture that doesn’t really support mothers…not really if we’re being honest AND why it’s so so SO important not to lose yourself along the way.

Remember…our kids are watching!




Doña Bumgarner is a life coach for frustrated moms who are exhausted living in a culture that doesn’t support them as moms or as women. She helps them get in control of all the parts of their lives, so they can feel like great moms AND whole humans.

Doña is also the host of Nurturing Habit podcast, about the ways we nurture ourselves as whole women so we can live more complete and vibrant lives.

Doña Bumgarner on Finding Yourself When You Can’t Quit Motherhood and Trusting Your Gut Even When You Have No Clue What You’re Doing


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Well hey there,

I am Bridgerton steamy sex scene level OBSESSED with helping women figure out exactly why they're so checked out and lie awake at night thinking this is not the life they imagined and wondering how the hell they got here and do they need to burn it all down and start over?

I'm Jen.

because that's a pretty exhausting way to live

Instead, I help them get clear on what a peeyourpants future means for them, get super curious and look at their lives objectively (because - hello - it's hella hard to identify what to change when we're knee deep in our emotions), decide which changes will have the biggest impact, and take intentional and thoughtful actions without having to burn down their entire world.

And because I'm a professional bossypants (actual title) and have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy - I'll get you there faster and with lots of inappropriate laughter while we do the deep inner work.

i'm so ready to get checked all the fuck way in!!!

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