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There’s all these things that I tried to make the outlet to get rid of that edge, that wildness, really, which really was mania.

cw: drug use, suicide

You can’t just change your life overnight, you have to have a game plan and you don’t have to do it all at once. Find one thing, get into that, and all the other things are going to follow.

Such great words of advice from today’s guest, Dawn Duncan. In this episode, Dawn shares courageously and beautifully from the heart about her mental health experiences and how she numbed with drugs and alcohol and all other sorts of ways to get rid of the edge.

With her marriage in shambles and finding herself in jail one night next to prostitutes and hardcore criminals, Dawn decided to turn her life around and she started with small changes that over time, led to drastic (in a good way!) results.

Listen in as Dawn shares exactly how she went from a suicide attempt and jail to the vibrant, lively, sober woman she is today. Along the way you’ll hear kick you in the gut truthbombs and wisdom for how not to go it alone.




DAWN DUNCAN is a 24 year veteran of entrepreneurship and an author who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is a Northern Minnesota native and graduate of the University of North Dakota, where she received her BA in English.

Since moving to Colorado in 1994, Dawn has been an active community member, business owner, and leader who has worked in executive recruiting and training, the music industry, and now as an agency owner of a boutique copywriting and editing firm.

She is married to husband Michael, a native of Ireland, and they are proud parents of a German Shepherd rescue named Czar.

Her own experiences in the world of mental health and addiction have fueled a new passion for sharing her story with others, with hopes to inspire and guide them to the type of transformation that she has experienced in her life.

Dawn Duncan on Changing Your Life One Tiny Step At A Time and Telling Our Stories Without Shame

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