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Start with Desire; How Do I Want to Feel? Start with Desire is the first S in the SELFISH framework and a client fave. I mean…who doesn’t want to live a life led by desire and possibility? Yes – even in midlife! Especially in midlife? I’m going with it. One of the tools we use is […]

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Truly…who are you? What makes you tick? What makes you come alive? What makes you peeyourpants with laughter? What makes you holy rage? What do you run towards? What makes you run away? What will they say when you pass away? What are your favorite memories? How does someone feel in your presence? What do […]

How imperfect can you allow yourself to be? How would it feel to strive not for perfection, but IMPERFECTION? What if being as imperfect as possible was the very key to unlocking our greatest, badassest selves? What becomes possible when we allow ourselves to show up as the most imperfect versions of ourselves? Why would […]

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