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I'm Jen Vertanen - Life Coach & Mentor for professional women (corporate 9-5’ers and/or small business owners) who are tired of going through the motions pretending everything is “fine” when what they really want is to burn it all down...except not really because wherever you go, there you are. They are ready to face their ish and figure their shit out because life is too damn short for anything less than a life full of meaning, happiness, fulfillment, impact, purpose, contentment, satisfaction, joy, etc.

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Figure Your Shit Out

I believe the second half of one’s life is meant to be better than the first half. The first half is finding out how you do it. And the second half is enjoying it.

~ Frances Lear

You’ve done everything “right”. You’ve checked the boxes, raised the kids, climbed the ladder, thrown the best birthday parties, traveled, support your friends through life, loved your partner, etc.

And yet…you’re left feeling there’s got to be more.

And you feel kind of guilty for feeling like what you have isn’t enough but…that might be the very thought that’s holding you back.

What if life isn’t about checking the boxes…at all?

What if life is meant to be fuller and richer? What if there IS more waiting for you to decide there’s more?

Do you go after it with the gusto of an overly confident, mediocre white dude? Do you ignore the yearnings and keep plugging away wondering if this is all there ever really is?

What inspires you into action? Is it the loss of a parent or watching a friend recover from a heart attack? A divorce? An affair? A random Tuesday in the middle of winter when it’s grey and dreary outside?

What if you make a powerful decision today that your second half is going to be even better than your first?

What then? What becomes possible in your world when you decide?

Let’s do this; I’m here if you need help cutting through the noise and clutter in your brain.

How Are You Making the 2nd Half Even Better Than the 1st?

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